Program is under planning, currently.

Program is under planning, currently.

Program is under planning, currently.

Sławomir Matelski
Universal Key to Authentication Authority with Human-Computable OTP Generator

George Teseleanu, and Paul Cotan
Continued Fractions Applied to a Family of RSA-like Cryptosystems

Yu-Chen Liao, Rayliln Tso,
Zi-Yuan Liu, and Yi-Fan Tseng
Blockchain-based Confidential Payment System with Controllable Regulation

Yuki Mezawa, and Mamoru Mimura
Evaluating the possibility of evasion attacks to machine learning-based models for malicious PowerShell detection

Yuichi Komano, and Takaaki Mizuki
Physical Zero-knowledge Proof Protocol for Topswops

George Teseleanu
Sherlock Holmes Zero-Knowledge Protocols

Martin Georgiev, Simon Eberz,
and Ivan Martinovic
Techniques for Continuous Touch-Based Authentication

Xuan Ha Nguyen, Nguyen Xuan Duong,
and Kim-Hung Le
Preventing Adversarial Attacks against Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection System

August Lykke Thomsen, Bastian Preisel,
Victor Rodrigues Andersen, Wei-Yang Chiu,
and Weizhi Meng
Designing Enhanced 6G Connection Strategy with Blockchain

Pegah Nikbakht Bideh
LMGROUP: A Lightweight Multicast Group Key Management for IoT Networks

Nasratullah Ghafoori, and Atsuko Miyaji
Differential Cryptanalysis of Salsa20 Based on Comprehensive Analysis of Probabilistic Neutral Bits

Jiaming Yuan, Yingjiu Li,
Jianting Ning, and Robert H. Deng
M-EDESE: Multi-Domain, Easily Deployable, and Efficiently Searchable Encryption

Quyen Nguyen Huu, Duy Phan The,
Vy Nguyen Chi, Hien Do Thi Thu,
and Hau Pham Van
Federated Intrusion Detection on Non-IID Data for IIoT networks using Generative Adversarial Networks and Reinforcement Learning

Md Rakibul Hasan Talukder,
Md Al Amin, and Indrajit Ray
Protecting Cyber-Physical System Testbeds from Red-Teaming / Blue-Teaming Experiments Gone Awry

Silviu-Constantin Vițel, Marilena Lupașcu,
Dragoș Teodor Gavriluț, and Henri Luchian
Detection of MSOffice-Embedded Malware: Feature Mining and Short- vs. Long-Term Performance

Zheng Yao Ng, and Iftekhar Salam
Blockchain-based Multi-keyword Search on Encrypted COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data

Juan Christian da Silva Siqueira,
and Luis Paulino and Alan Oliveira de Sá
A low-cost and cloud native solution for security orchestration, automation, and response

Gheorghe Balan, Dragos Teodor Gavrilut,
and Henri Luchian
Using API Calls for sequence-pattern feature mining-based malware detection

Koyel Pramanick, and Prasad Kulkarni
Detect Compiler Inserted Run-time Security Checks in Binary Software

Subir Halder, and Thomas Newe
Robust Anomaly Detection via Radio Fingerprinting LoRa-Enabled IIoT

Yinqin Huang, Cheng Dai,
and Wei-Che Chien
Sparse Attack on Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition for Internet of Video Things Systems

Orhan Ermis, Christophe Feltus,
Qiang Tang, Hoang Trang,
Alexandre De Oliveira, Cu Nguyen,
and Alain Hirtzig
A CNN-based Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for the Detection of SS7 Attacks

Bodi, Wei-Yang Chiu,
and Weizhi Meng
Towards Blockchain-enabled Intrusion Detection for Vehicular Navigation Map System

Kyusuk Han, Eiman Al Nuaimi,
Shamma Al Blooshi, Rafail Psiakis,
and Chan Yeob Yeun
A New Scalable Mutual Authentication in Fog-Edge Drone Swarm Environment

Yuxiao Luo, Jianwei Tai,
and Shengzhi Zhang
Practical Backdoor Attack against Speaker Recognition System

Yi-Hsiu Lee, Zi-Yuan Liu,
Raylin Tso, and Yi-Fan Tseng
Blockchain-based Self-sovereign Identity System with Attribute-based Issuance

Son Ha Xuan, Barbara Carminati,
and Elena Ferrari
PriApp-Install: learning user privacy preferences on mobile apps' installation

Yen-Kang Fu, Jonathan Chang,
and David Jao
Optimal generic attack against basic Boneh-Boyen signatures

Jiang-Yi Zeng, Chi-Yuan Chen,
and Hsin-Hung Cho
Detection of Adversarial Examples based on the Neurons Distribution

Maharage Nisansala Perera, Toru Nakamura,
Takashi Matsunaka, Hiroyuki Yokoyama,
and Kouichi Sakurai
Attribute based Tracing for Securing Group Signatures against Centralized Authorities

Yi Zhang, Zhonghui Ge,
Ze Long, and Dawu Gu
UCC: Universal and Commitee-based Cross-chain Framework

George Tasopoulos, Jinhui Li,
Apostolos Fournaris, Raymond Zhao,
Amin Sakzad, and Ron Steinfeld
Performance Evaluatiion of Post-Quantum TLS 1.3 on Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems

Elisa Chiapponi, Marc Dacier,
Olivier Thonnard, Mohamed Fanger,
and Vincent Rigal
BADPASS: Bots taking ADvantage of Proxy AS a Service

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