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Important Notice

Currently (25. Oct., 2022), all entry restrictions for foreigners are lifted in Taiwan. However, COVID-19 measurements on passenger arrivals are still applied. We would like to suggest you read the following information carefully, before you proceed your trip to Taiwan.

Taiwan has visa-free protocols with several countries around the world. In many cases, you are allowed to stay up to 90 days (Differences may present between country). For more information, please vist Visa-Exempt Entry Regulation from Bureau of Consular Affairs for more information.

If your passport issuing country is not listed in the Visa-Exempt list, you are required to apply a travel visa before your vist to Taiwan. Please find the information "Visitor Visas" from Bureau of Consular Affairs helpful. We strongly recommend to consult with your travel agency or local foreign affairs authroity for assistance. If you need materials to complete your visa application, please contact us at : khyeh 'at'

Starting from 13. Oct., 2022, all inbound passengers are required to observe the 0 + 7 policy (No quarantine, 7 days of self-initiated prevention) on arrivals. During this 7 days of prevention, you must accomondate at a aplace that meets the requirement of one person per room. For more detail requirements for the place you stay, please find "COVID-19 Entry Information" useful. However, here are some highlights during this 7 days:

  • You are allowed to go out, with a negative test within 2 days.

  • You are required to put on a mask whenever you go out.

  • You must contact local health authrotiy if you are tested positive for COVID-19

When going out

  Mask Relaxation

Wearing mask is still enforced. However, it is allowed to take the mask off if one of the conditions at below matched under the circumstance of social distancing can be applied. Please refer to the link "Mask Relaxation" for more information.

  • Dining or Drinking

  • Exercising indoor or outdoor

  • Taking photos indoor or outdoor

  • Driving car or Riding bike, scooter, or motorcycle (Alone or with families)

  • Presenting or Performing activities. (e.g., Live streaming, reporting, recording...)

  • Working at open spaces.

  • Outdoor activities in mountains or at beaches

  • Aquatic Activities

If you, unfortunately, catched COVID-19 during your stay in Taiwan, you are asked to:

  • Self-Quarantine for 7 days, with additional 7 days of Self-Initiated Prevention

  • If you have questions, dial 1922 (Toll-Free) locally, or dial +886 (800) 00-1922 (Intl.-Toll) on your roaming phone.

  • If you feel extremely ill, dial 119 immediately, or dial +886 119 (Intl.-Toll) on your roaming phone.

    • Remember to express that you are confirmed COVID-19 case explicitly during your call.

If you need a test to head back

You can purchase a PCR test at several hospitals around Taipei City. A regular PCR test (reveal within 48 hrs) costs about NT$ 3,500, while a rapid PCR test (reveal within 24 hrs) costs about NT$ 4,500

Since not all hospitals in Taipei city provide such service, here are a few listed. For more information, please call 1922

Near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Bannan(Blue) Line, MRT(Subway)
+886 (2) 2751-0221

Near Nanjing Fuxing Station
Songshang Xindian(Green) Line,
+886 (2) 2771-8151

Near Nanjing Sanming Station
Songshang Xindian(Green) Line,
+886 (2) 2764-2151

Near Xiaonanmen Station
Songshang Xindian(Green) Line,
+886 (2) 2388-9595

Near Xinyi Anhe Station
Danshui Xianshan(Red) Line,
+886 (2) 2708-1166

Near Daan Station
Danshui Xianshan(Red) Line,
+886 (2) 2709-3600

Near Beimen Station
Songshang Xindian(Green) Line,
+886 (2) 2552-3234

Near Taipei Arena Station
Songshang Xindian(Green) Line,
+886 (2) 2713-5211

Near Xinyi Anhe Station
Danshui Xianshan(Red) Line,
+886 (2) 2708-2121

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