Attendance / Transportation

Important Notice

If you are still under the 7 days of self-initiated prevention period, it is not recommended to take public transporation.

From Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

The trip from the Airport to Taipei Main Station:

You can reach the Taoyaun Airport MRT either at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2
Take the Train that heads to Taipei Main Station
There are 2 types of trains:

  • Commuter Train (In Blue) : Stops at all station
  • Express Train (In Purple) : Only have 2 stops on your way to Taipei Main Station.

The trip from the Taipei Main Station to the Venue:

  • Trasnfer to Taipei Metro System (Some may refered as MRT)
  • Find Dansui Xinyi (Red) [R 淡水信義線] Line
  • Find a train that heads toward Daan[大安] or Xianshan[象山]
  • Get off at [R08/G10] C. K. S. Memorial Hall [中正紀念堂]
  • Find Songshan Xindian (Green) [G 松山新店線] Line
  • Find a train that heads toward Xindian[新店]
  • Get off at [G07] Gongguan [公館]
  • Leave the station at Exit 2, and Turn left, staying on the main road. (Roosevelt Road [羅斯福路])
  • When you observed a roundabout, Turn left, and continue walking on Keelung Road [基隆路]
  • You will see the Main Gate of Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan Tech on your right hand side.

If you like to take Taxi directly from the Airport:

Please present the following address in Chinese to the Taxi Driver:

國立台灣科技大學 : 台北市大安區,基隆路四段 43 號

More information:

If you are considering other method of transporation, please refer to the information [How to get to Taiwan Tech].

Travel Card


Using prepaid card for taking public transporation is very common in Taiwan. There are two major options:

  • EasyCard [悠遊卡]
  • iPASS [一卡通]

You can purchase or top up the anonymous card at any convenient stores or top-up machines

Remember to check yourself in and out accordingly:

  • Everytime you start a ride
  • Everytime you off a ride

These are the exceptions that you cannot use travel cards:

  • High-Speed Rail Trains
  • Inter-City Limited Express Trains (New Tze-Chiang [新自強] / New Inter-City [新城際] / Puyuma [普悠瑪] / Taroko [太魯閣] )
  • Inter-City Express Trains (Tze-Chiang [自強] / Chu-Kuang [莒光] / Fu-hsing [復興])
  • A few Inter-City Bus Operators (Ask before you hopped on)
  • Domestic Flights
  • Domestic Cruises

Prepaid travel packages allow you to get around the city easily for several days. Some packages provide unlimited taking of almost any kinds of public transporation, some include discounts of entrance fee for several famous sites.
These packages are offered by different companies, and have a wide range of variety to choose from.
Please remember to consult the retailer as packages may have different coverage on utilities.

You can easily find Taxis around airports, stations, or some city hotspots.
You will usually find that such area is presented with a medal plate with a Taxi icon: [計程車乘車區] / [計程車乘車處]
Or, if you find a vacant Taxi on the street, you can wave at it and the driver will reach you.
However, if you are somewhere else, you have to either call them or using apps to order.
These are not limited to the following:

  • M-Taxi / [大都會車隊]:     55178 (Locally) / +886 (2) 449 9178 (Roaming)
  • Taiwan Taxi / [台灣大車隊]:     55688 (Locally) / +886 (2) 4058 8888 (Roaming)

Also, here are some reminders / tips for you when taking a Taxi in Taiwan:

  • Many Taxis do not accept cards as payment method, ask the driver about it first.
    • Can I pay with card ? [我可以用信用卡付款嗎 ?]
  • Having a copy of the destination address in Chinese is highly recommended.
  • Please have your translation software ready, as many drivers are not capable of speaking English.

What you should expect

  • You may find a lot of services require Internet, it is highly recommended to have data access on your phone.
  • English availability might be lower than your expectation. Always have your translation software ready.
  • Usually, it is not allowed to eat or drink on Metro and some regional buses.
  • You may find it quite common that cash is the only payment method. If you find yourself in a situation that credit card / debit card is your only payment method, please ask the shop clerk or owner about whether they accept it first

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